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Weddings, shindigs, soirées, and salons are what Esmé was made for.

The halls here still echo with the sounds of epic parties past, where Desi Arnaz and his crew invented new ways to get down. Esmé is a marriage of contradictions, a place where the bright sunlight and warm colors of the sunrise meet the dimmed lights and wonderfully unexpected energy of nightlife in Miami. Whether you’re head-over-heels for a real looker and want to tie the knot in style or have good news worth tying one on for, we have a variety of settings for everything from an intimate celebration to a blowout the town will be talking about for years to come. This is also a home for ideas and creative collaboration and can work with you to design a richly generative meeting or retreat. For more details on weddings and special events, please drop us a line at TKTKT.

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